18 January 2020

Date: 18 January 2020

Place: Webb Wesconnett Library, 6887 103rd Street, Jacksonville, Florida

Speaker: Linda Vivian

Topic: NATHAN DOWD: A case study in determining kinship using indirect evidence

Brief Description: As researchers, we all hope for the “aha” moment when a document states a kinship explicitly. Often that is not the case, but it doesn’t mean the finding is hopeless. Using Nathan Dowd’s parentage as a case study, learn how to assemble pieces of information from various sources to discern a likely kinship.

Speaker Bio: Linda Vivian is a former president and long-standing publications director/webmaster for the Halifax Genealogical Society (HGS) in Ormond Beach. She holds a Master of Education from the University of Florida and completed certificate courses in “Advanced Research and Methodology” and “Writing and Publishing for Genealogists” from the Institute of Genealogical and Historical Research (IGHR). Linda is an experienced presenter and published family historian with five books in print. Her article, “Nathan W. Dowd of Ohio: Whose Child Was He?” was published in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly and is the basis for this month’s program. In addition to HGS, she holds membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution, and National and Florida State Genealogical Societies.