Jacksonville City Directories Abstraction Project

JGS is embarking on a Jacksonville City Directory Abstraction project.

One of the questions we are often asked is: What [doctors, lawyers, cemeteries, etc.] were in Jacksonville in [1897, 1900, 1930, etc.]? What would give clues/provide the answer? The Jacksonville City Directories.

Where are the Directories? At the Jacksonville Public Library, downtown, in paper format and some are online in JPG format (one page at a time). Not easy to access for most out-of-towners. So, with the help of you, the members, we will be providing that easy access - online.

We have already photocopied about 14 of the books and have started typing the data. A number of the members met at the library and helped get everything set-up. Now, we would like to provide those who would like to do typing from home a way to do so. It is a straight typing job in a word processor, no complicated forms.

If you would rather proofread, we can accommodate you, also. Just let AnnS ( know which task you can help with.

The resulting product will be placed on our website member's only page. This is your reward for helping the society and the genealogy community - you get the first use. After about 6 months, we will make the data available to all website visitors.




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