Research Services

Welcome to the Research Assistance Room. We hope to offer you information on local research assistance that is available by members of the Society. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Jacksonville Genealogical Society is a non-profit organization run by volunteers and, as such, detailed research for your family project is not possible. We are, however, able to perform certain types of “look-ups”. Requests for genealogical research can be sent to us via email or our post office box and research is performed by the Society’s volunteer Research Committee.


A fee of $10.00 per hour, plus out-of-pocket costs for mileage, parking and copies, will be charged for each request, with a minimum $10.00 charge.

First-time inquiries are answered within three to six weeks of receipt. The first-time correspondent will receive a “Search Authorization” form. The form will list the types of searches and what resources could be reviewed for each type of search. This form will authorize the Jacksonville Genealogical Society to perform a genealogical search in the resources you select.

Please note that the research on your project will not begin until the search authorization form is received (signed and dated) with a minimum deposit of $10.00 [if you have not sent in a deposit already]. Once your search is completed by one of the volunteer researchers, it will be finalized as to what sources were reviewed, what information was found/not found, total of search time involved and cost of copies made. If there is a balance due over $10.00, an invoice will be mailed for that amount. The JGS policy is to perform each search and send the results out in chronological order by date the research began.

Please download the search authorization form, fill in the appropriate blanks, make your check payable to the “Jacksonville Genealogical Society” and mail it to the Society at:

Jacksonville Genealogical Society, Inc.
P.O. Box 440488
Attn: Research Committee Chairman
Jacksonville, FL 32222-0005

Our Research Committee will perform the search within 3-6 weeks of receiving your order.