Society Objectives

The Society’s primary aim is to locate and publish previously unpublished Florida records, but our Society and publications are not limited to Florida or to the Southeast.

The objectives of the Society are:

  • to provide members and the public our assistance in learning how to do their own family research and to organize their data.
  • to collect, preserve and share knowledge and information concerning genealogical data and source records.
  • to stimulate, promote interest in and provide instruction and guidance in the principles of accuracy and thoroughness of research (we hold classes and workshops, sponsor lectures, and have planned programs and speakers at our monthly meetings).
  • to locate original source records and material, foster careful documentation, and issue publications worthy to the objectives of the Society.
  • to encourage, promote and assist in founding family organizations, reunions and newsletters (to record and preserve history).
  • to champion and sustain ethical genealogical standards and to oppose incompetent and disreputable practices in the field of genealogy.
  • to cooperate with historical, patriotic, fraternal and other genealogical organizations to preserve the records of our forebears.

The Charter Members are:

Elizabeth Rose Spencer, Deceased
Whitman P. Garrett, Deceased
Clarence B. Childs, Deceased
James H. Jarvis, Deceased
Nancy J. (Gailard) Garry-Chadwick, Deceased
Frances (Chappell) Shinton, Deceased
Jerry C. Cobb, Deceased
Miriam Jobe, Deceased
Luttrelle L. Dean, Inactive
Louisa G. Boxx, Deceased
Grace (Hemrick) Jarvis, Deceased
James Puckett, Deceased
Joyce E. (Carter) Jarvis, Inactive
Walter Fleming Jarvis, Inactive
Jesse L. McCoy, Inactive
Russell Hams, Deceased
Grace (Byrne) Moran, Active
Aldo O. Carothers, Deceased
Hazel Hams, Deceased
Virginia C. Spencer, Deceased