20 November 2021


Speaker: C. Ann Staley, CG, CGL
Topic: It’s Coming! Getting Ready for the 1950 Population Census.

Brief Description: When this census is released in April 2022, it will be full of possibilities for extending your family knowledge. However – it will not be indexed, at least not for a few months. The major players in indexing haven’t said how it will be accomplished, but one entity has hinted at using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for the 1st scan. So, with over 150 million people enumerated and nothing indexed, how do you find who you are looking for? What do all the codes and lines mean? What does the form look like? How did the tabulators tamper with it? And what information does it tell us about the “Silent Generation” (those born from 1928-1945)?

Speaker Bio: Ann Staley, CG®, CGLSM, is an educator, consultant, and lecturer. She is on the faculty of the National Institute for Genealogical Studies; Education Chair, Jacksonville Genealogical Society, Inc.; Vice-President, Genealogical Speakers Guild; author of several articles for the NGS Magazine; and co-author of the NGS Research in the States Series-Florida. Her specialties are Methodology, Research Sources, Computer Resources, Vital Records and their Sources, Conference Planning, and assisted genealogy research trips.